Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Two days of working on this horse, two days of detailing and cleaning the little fiddly bits...a little slow, but my shoulder is better so I wasn't pushing it...

Two. Days. Work.

Droppped the tool.




And the dog sleeps on...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


When a beam of sunlight slowly moves across the cool living room on a clear November day, what else is there to do but sleep?

The chair is so comfortable, Bear can't imagine being anywhere else...

Yasha gently opens her eyes and rests her chin on the arm, wondering what Mommy is doing...

Mommy is resting too. I hurt my shoulder and arm doing bonsai, and am giving it a little time to heal. So, quiet pursuits, like cleaning greenware. November is for remembering, for taking a glance back at what the year was all about. As the cool breeze dances the dead leaves down the street, the memories of this year's ups and downs dance in my head. December is for looking forward... making new molds, cleaning the work space, finishing up projects... but November is contemplative.