Friday, June 14, 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jasper gets Juiced! Orange Juice, that is...

Jasper was not the most exciting color. Pretty, but not bold. Not eye catching. Not... MINI!! So, we did some graphics... BEHOLD!!

Put the Metal to the Pedal!

Winnie needed metal pedals. Yes, she did. Because they have a Union Jack pattern, that's why. And they look great! So there. The kit is from, they were at the MINI show yesterday. Show special, $120 for the set. Whoo Hoo! Very easy installation, took literally five minutes, one Phillips screwdriver and one small ratcheting wrench, alcohol and a rag. Here is the kit: Starting with the 'dead pedal' on the far left (because she is an automatic transmission) Use the little included tool, unscrew the top to expose the screwdriver head, and pry the rubber pedal out of the rubber platform. Comes right out! Wipe the exposed area with rubbing alcohol, peel off the red backing on the tape on the new pedal, and stick it right in there. Yes! Now the brake pedal. It is covered with a rubber piece that simply peels off from the base. Wrap your fingers around it, and pull forward. The metal base has two screw holes in it. Line the screw holes on the new pedal up with the base, stick in the screws, put the little washers on the back, then the nut (with the white plastic part facing away from the pedal) and screw them in. You will need to hold the nut in place with the ratcheting wrench or whatever, as you screw them in. Finally, the easiest one. Your new accelerator pedal goes right over the old one. Wipe down the rubber pedal with alcohol, peel the red backing off, and stick it right on. Make sure that you have it even before you stick it down, because that tape is STRONG. Not coming off! That looks great, and the way it is machined, all of the round bumps and the flag design are highly profiled, so it has a lot of grip. I'm happy. :-)