Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

Well, apparently April Fools Day is upon us. I put up a long post but can't seem to get the pictures to resize correctly, and it's time to go out and work. So, here is just the end of the post, with the one picture that seems to fit properly into the frame of the blog! I'll try again tonight...

When you do ceramics, you find that little silly ideas can actually be realized. If you can mold it or sculpt it, you can make it shiny! I did this little Casper the Circus Dog for Sarah M as a present a few years ago. He's the standard Casper ornament, but I lopped off his head and inserted a frilly Circus collar. Then I opened his mouth and sculpted a tongue and teeth, and finally put a hat on him. He stands on a custom made circus drum. Fun!



mel said...

How is he standing? Glued?

Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig said...

I loves him! He's peering at me now under my monitor! Thanks Joanie!!

Joanie said...

Mel, he has a brass rod going through a hole in his little... pooper.

Or thereabouts.

Still haven't figured out the photo resizing thing and what changed. Have to figure that out, and post more photos!