Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I walked until my pants fell down... and then I walked some more

There's no denying that sitting around cleaning greenware, glazing and firing, are sedentary pursuits. Add in a love of good food, and the recipe for weight gain is complete. I've never been one to exercise, either... I prefer intellectual exercise, not physical. As I have told my Grandmother, when we drive along the coast on the way to her hair appointment... looking out at the vast array of people jogging, walking, strolling, stretching and biking along the boardwalk... "I love exercise, I could sit and watch it all day".

However, the dogs have a different idea. They love exercise... they crave it. A good long walk, a quick run, a wrestle and tumble...they glory in their young muscles, in the cool weather, and in the joy of being a spoiled dog. Life is good, for the dogs. So, they have gotten me into the habit of walking them every morning. Somehow, it has become a custom with us, we hitch up to the bike, they pull Casper and I to the park, we then put their leashes on and walk for a full hour. Casper keeps up pretty well, since the pups have already done five or six blocks of vigorous exercise and have the edge taken off. In total, we walk for between one and a half and two hours every morning. Unless it rains. Which it probably won't do again until October.

So much physical movement has begun to show the logical result... I am losing a little weight. Not too much... not enough to be in one of those annoying internet "before-and-after" pictures. But, a little. My pants fall down now. Going to need a new size soon. Yesterday, tired of having to hitch them up every few steps, I did what any reasonably female would do... I used a bungee cord for a belt. Worked like a charm. Maybe a trip to Target to get a real belt is in order?

So I posted this picture in part to show what I looked like a month ago, so that in another month or two I can post again and show some progress. Oh, and my "Yorkshire Terrier" hair is now dyed a very pleasant and natural brown. My great-Grandmother was completely white haired when she was thirty... I started greying in my 30's and now have a quite frosty head. When it's fully white, I will glory in it, but for now, the grey does not compliment. So, with a good hairdresser who has an excellent eye for color (she's like you, Lesli, but does her magic with people hair..) I look much better than shown below. I'm in my fiftieth year of existence on this Earth, and I am trying a little harder to take care of my health and looks. Guess it had to happen eventually!

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