Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maia has a new play tree

Thanks to Jeanene Bernardin, Maia has a new play tree! Jeanene visited recently and brought us a new cage (smaller but useful for outside or for traveling) and a play stand. But I wanted to change the top of the play stand, and put a tree on it instead. So, I unscrewed the "T" top with the feeders on either side, and went out seeking a nice branch. Cathy, who is Johnny's mom and has a wholesale florist shop, had some manzanita branches that were just right... and at the right price, too!

$25 bought this gorgeous sand blasted manzanita branch. I brought it home and lopped off all of the little branches, all of the pokey bits, and sawed the end straight. Then I just drilled and screwed! The white chain is from the hardware store... it's plastic... and the toys are from PetSmart (on sale!) So for less than $35, Maia has a new play stand... isn't she a pretty bird?


Marge Para said...

Cool!! Love that last photo of Maia!

Kelly said...

Maia is so beautiful, and looks so happy. Can't blame her though with all her new fancy toys!


Cynthia said...

Neat! I BET she loves her new tree! We really need to get a cat tree for the cats. Might keep them off the bookshelves and other furniture!

Or Luna off the stove. She burnt a paw Saturday night... and we had to call out the emergency vet. She's OK, just feeling a bit sorry for herself. Big soulful kitten eyes.

Pity Maia can't visit... I'm sure that would cheer all the kitties, LOL!