Saturday, July 28, 2012

Challenged Athletes Foundation and nice warm Brownies

There are so many charities and foundations that do worthy work. So many people in need of help. We can't help them all, and we are asked every day by some group or other. But when someone is willing to bicycle from San Francisco to San Diego, which will take seven days and cover 620 miles, and when she is so remarkably upbeat and motivating, that appeal stands out from the crowd. Denise is one of only 100 cyclists that have been chosen to participate in the Million Dollar Challenge, the bicycle ride that they will share along the way with challenged athletes, and in order to fulfill her goal she must raise at least $10,000. We can help her to achieve this goal, and the money will be used to help people who have a physical challenge to get out and live again, using sports and goals. Read more about it at Here is MY challenge to YOU, my friends... Between now and Sept 1st, 2012... go to the link below, donate at least $10, and you will get one chance to win a Brownie head necklace. Every additional $10 buys you another chance. For $100, I will send you a Brownie head directly. I will make enough Brownie heads so that everyone has at least a one in ten chance of winning! That is, there will be one Brownie head made for every $100 we raise. Keep donating, and I will keep making them. No limit. None. But it has to be to the link below, it has to be by Sept. 1st, and **you have to email me and let me know how much you donated!!**
These pictures don't do it justice, I will be taking better ones soon. In the meantime, here's the link: Let's put Denise over the top, and keep going!!

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