Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jasper Arrives Tomorrow

Tomorrow, we will be a two MINI family. Jasper Cooper is coming home! Craig ordered him just as he wanted, and after waiting for him to be built and shipped, and then finished at the dealership, we will be picking him up.
He has the fixed spoiler installed, instead of the mechanical one, because we like the look of the fixed spoiler much better. It was pricey but we don't intend to ever sell the car, so we chose to do it immediately. We will be keeping the original spoiler in case we ever want to reinstall it. I can't imagine why. Winnie the MINI has been such a great joy for us, she has brought us so many new friends and experiences, that Jasper seems like a logical next choice. Craig has been more excited about this car than I have ever seen him, and it does make me very happy. :-)

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