Saturday, June 7, 2008

Digging for Bear

Remember that post a while ago, with Bear inside of the Rubbermaid tub? Well, there were *other* videos taken that day. Videos with... ahem... MOI... in them. I'm the Princess, after all. If I ain't in it, it ain't happenin'. Bear is cute, yeah, we get that part. But he's Bear. And I'm ME.

So below, from the secret archives of Allison's camera, rescued from the darkest corners of obscurity, here I am, Digging for Bear:


Hana said...

Hi Yasha! My name is Hana the Dog, and I am glad to meet you. I live in the CA SF Bay Area. There are lots and LOTS of eskie dog bloggers. I hope you will get to meet them too! Stop by my bloggy sometime.

Joanie said...

Hana, thank you for the invite, Mommy promised that I can have the computer for some dogblogging tonight. So, see ya there!

Schmoopy said...

This video is soooo funny!!! This is GREAT!!! Do you mind if I put it on my blog with your reference ?


Schmoopy, Sassy, Mia & Kate