Saturday, June 7, 2008

An Eskie head in every pot

Mommy loves to cook. We love to watch. It's the "Cooking Show", complete with Smell-o-vision and sometimes samples for the audience.

We keep our toes just on the edge of the carpet, so that we are technically in the dining room. Eskies are good about figuring out the technical angles. Toenails can hang over the carpet, and noses can be a little farther into the kitchen, but anything else and Mommy says, "Dogs out!". The offending dog(s) creep back into the dining room and lost their good spot to the better behaved. When food hits the floor, however, it's every dog for themselves.

Sometimes the casserole, or whatever, gets really stuck to the baking dish. Mommy doesn't own a dishwasher (well, she actually owns three, but we aren't the kind of dishwasher she wants to use) A while ago, the lovely smell wafting from the oven was a Shepherds Pie. With LAMB. Real ground LAMB.

Nothing brings out the Wolf in a dog like lamb. It is an incredibly compelling smell, and it gets right into the dogs most primal neural network, causing all of the synapses to fire at once. I'm drooling just thinking about it. If they sold lamb on ebay, dogs would learn how to bid. Most dogs would figure out how to be smarter just to get some lamb.

Anyway, the Shepherds Pie often sticks to the baking dish. This time, in an excess of bonhomie and general good cheer, Mommy sat the dish down for us to clean. She doesn't do that often, but that means it's even more special. And if anyone is reading this who has, in the past, eaten at our house.. or who, in the future, may possibly do so...well, soap and good hot water do wonders. And if it really freaks you out, next time take Mommy out to dinner instead. You can bring us home the scraps.

So, the dish hit the floor, and we all three went for it. We never fight... we just sort things out in a growly, posturing way. Generally, Casper gets his first when it is food related. Casper is SERIOUS about food. He says that it's from his Mysterious Past, but then he stops talking and gets that Look. Like he's an ex-CIA agent and if he tells you, he would have to kill you. So we don't ask. He's just jerking our choke chain, so to speak. We think. Maybe.

Casper hogged the dish, this time, until he almost licked the glaze off of it. Maybe in the future Mommy will divide the Shepherds Pie into three smaller baking dishes, so that there can be an Eskie head in EVERY pot.


mel said...

I too LOVE lamb; I would not shop on eBay for it (because I don't like eBay anymore) but I would shop pretty much anywhere else for it! Perhaps even on a sheep...

Hana said...

Wowie Zowie!! You guys get to lick the dishes clean? I only get a couple table scraps, and that's only sometimes!

Joanie said...

Mel, when Mommy comes out to visit, she wants to treat you out to a great lamb dinner!!!

Hana, we get to lick the dishes sometimes, but not very often. It's just our Mommy missing her children and trying to overcome 20 years of being the nurturing mother.

But hey, we're not complaining!!

mel said...

Um. I could send plenty of pots for dogs to lick, but it seems an expensive "pre-wash cycle"!!!

Comet and BLU said...

We love when our girl uses the crockpot. We get to stick our heads in it and clean it. It's the best treat ever!