Monday, May 26, 2008

My Best Day

Life is good when you're a dog. Someone else hunts for the food, someone else picks up your poop, and Mommy randomly takes you Next Door to play in Granny and Gram's back yard.

Today started out like any other day... wrestling with Bear, then a nice nap, and barking at dogs walking by outside. Then we put our harnesses on, and went Next Door. We run and pull when we are going Next Door, it's so incredibly exciting. We never know what we will find there... food? Another dog to play with? A big party of family? Since no one tells us anything, going Next Door is always a surprise.

We were pleased to run in the yard, and then Mommy started the barbeque. The meat smelled so rich and... and... meaty. Pork spareribs, lots and lots of them! And the best part of this meat is that there were Bones. We hoped that they were the good kind of bones that we could have. Our whole focus changed from running around in the yard, to praying for bones.

Mommy pulled a piece off of the fire for us, before anyone else got to eat, and let it cool off. She wouldn't give us Bones, but she tore meat off and told us to dance for it. Boy did we! Bear wouldn't sit down, he was so enthralled with the smell.

After dinner, we took a Walk. Down to the beach! We love the beach, but Mommy doesn't take us very often because she can't handle all three of us. She should just let us off of our leashes... we know the way! But she's funny that way, she likes to control how fast we are going and which direction. People are so hard to understand sometimes.

The Allison puppy and her Thomas went with us. Allison took pictures of us having fun in the sand. I rolled in the sand and seaweed, which smelled just delightful. There were subtle nuances of dead fish, with a tickling of grey seal and dolphin, finishing with the scent of a yellow lab that had been by previously and rolled also. Then, I ran. And ran. and ran. Even Casper, fat thing that he is, ran and capered. Bear runs up to the water, but doesn't go in very far. I go in up to my belly. Casper is the fat square one, Bear is wearing the blue harness, and I am in pink. Of course.

Here is the video of My Best Day:



mel said...

Golly gosh, that looks like such FUN! Is there much brushing or bathing of fuzzballs afterwards?

Nice to have a brief glimpse of the Thomas puppy!

Joanie said...

Strangely enough, Mel, the sand just falls off of their coats when they dry. So does mud! Their hair shafts are very slick. They just get their regular brushing the next day.
Yep, the guy in blue is the elusive Thomas puppy. He chose the music for the video, too! -- Joanie

Cynthia said...

GREAT music choice!

Oh the puppies look like they had so much fun! Wonderful video!


What an awesome best day!