Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bear and I on a pin!

Mommy has been working on these since about Christmas time, and they are all done! First, Adalee (who knows how to scratch dogs, and how to give bites of her dinner, she's one of my favorite people!) sculpted a pin of Bear and I in this ickky smelling brown clay. Then, Mommy poured that wet white stuff over it. I thought that she ruined it, but when the white stuff was hard, she pulled it off and the clay was still there! When the white stuff thing was dry, she started pouring clay into it and popping out pins.

She sat in the evenings in the big squishy chair, when she was too tired to work in the barn, and cleaned the seams and bubbles from the pins. They were dry and crunchy, like the mud that gets in your paws when you run outside in the rain and then lay on the warm rug.

Then she put them in the big hot thing, that makes a humming noise. They got really hot... she won't let us go into the barn when the big hot thing is running. We might burn our noses. The whole barn smells like HOT. When they were cool, she sat around and painted their little eyes and tongues and lips. Mommy holds these really close to her face... even with her new glasses. (do they make glasses for dogs? What can she see through them?) The photo on the left is Mommy's work area, where she was drinking tea and painting little Yasha faces.

Finally, she sprayed them with the pink stuff and put them in the hot thing again. They came out shiny.

Now she has put decals on them and heated them up again so that the decals sunk into the glaze, and glued pins onto them. Using the paper that she printed out, she stuck the pokey thing through the holes in the paper so they stay on the paper. The paper says "Bear and Yasha", which makes me wiggle.

They are all in boxes now, ready to go away. Why does Mommy do this kind of thing? What does she get out of it? Bear and Casper and I have talked about it, but we don't see any upside to all of this work. Anyway, she put them up in my Etsy store. She says that there won't be any more Bear and Yasha pins when they are gone... I hope that's a good thing.

The store is here:

It isn't very fancy... the Allison puppy has been too busy to make pictures of me for the storefront. But it doesn't matter, because the pins are what counts.


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Adalee said...


If you need a storefront banner, tell your mum to send me a couple of pictures- I have photoshop...

-Adalee :)