Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy taught us...

Spring is for shedding. When you're an American Eskimo dog (hereafter designated Eskie) you carry around a major load of pelt. It's a mixed blessing... when you're white and fluffy and soft, people are drawn to pet and make a fuss over you... but you also get snarls, tangles, and junk caught in your fur. Sometimes food. Which your brother eats for you. Kinda weird.

So, now that the Allison and Bobby puppies have moved out, Mommy painted the back bedroom and has been slowly making it into a workspace. It's light and pretty and almost empty, and she put up a table in there. We were very intrigued when she put a throw rug on top of the table. In our observations of Mommy, we have never seen a throwrug on top of a table, and she is not usually prone to flights of fancy. Then she put a chair in front of the table, sideways, and taught us each to jump up on the chair and then the table. Casper, the food hog, the show-off, figured out what she wanted almost immediately. Maybe it is a Trick from his mysterious past. He certainly caught on quickly. Being the brighter sibling, I figured it out next... and I love to jump anyway. Bear, reluctant and suspicious when it comes to new tricks; heights; tables; chairs; and Mommy trying to lure him anywhere, was the slowest. Finally Mommy shooed Casper and I out of the room, and Bear had a Private Lesson until he demonstrated a certain amount of aptitude.

Here I am on my new table conquest, which I now jump up to and down from with great zeal. When I'm up on the table, Mommy brushes me, which I don't mind. Much. Mostly the attention is worth it. Bear, of course, looks like Mommy is pulling out his hair strand by strand, and he hides his head under her armpit. Casper enjoys grooming, stands at attention and really seems to get some sort of thrill out of being told that he is done. When Mommy thumps on him and says "Okay!", he jumps down and tries to dig a hole in the carpet, which he generally uses as an expression of great joy. If you haven't figured it out yet, Casper is sort of strange.


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Cynthia said...

I had to laugh... I was just "furminating" one of my fur kitty children not a half hour ago. Spring is the time of fluffy white stuff on the green carpet and sometimes drifting lazily through the air. Not to mention lots of nice black/brown hairs on the white bathroom floor.

And to think you thought I was nuts for teaching my Sister kitty to bat her "bobble bops" off the mantel.

You're teaching your children to jump on the table! (Mine learned this at an early age... first time Mommy served salmon for dinner.)

Luna was pretty attentive this morning when her mom had salmon, asparagus and toasted cashews in curry sauce for breakfast. I must be as strange as Caspar!

Fish for Mother's Day breakfast? What can I say?

Happy fishless (but not furless) Mom's day to ya!