Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today is the day of the week that I don't like. Mommy gets up and goes off in the car. She doesn't take time to play with us very much, because she leaves so early.

Bear and I sit and wait for her. Casper doesn't even get up until 10 am, so he doesn't care much. Bear and I worry about Mommy going away, since sometimes she goes away for a long time. But on Wednesdays, she comes back at lunchtime smelling funny.

She smells like sunshine and growing things, horses and dogs, and even a faint whiff of goat. Her hands are dirty and her fingernails have grime underneath, and sometimes she has a smear of dirt across her cheek. She sits down and eats lunch as soon as she walks in the door, because she seems to have really worked up an appetite.

I wish that she would take me with her... where does she go? What does a goat LOOK like? Who is that dog that she pets when she is gone? I promise that I would be helpful and wouldn't run away... well, not too far away.

Bear would go too, but I would help her more than he would. But Mommy leaves us home, watching out the window, waiting.


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