Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On a cool, wet, foggy morning, when condensation drips from the palm fronds and the grass is slick with dew, why would anyone be surprised by muddy paws on their chest? Just because Mommy's cold kept her in bed well after sunrise, why would she seem shocked that we went out and played in the deliciously muddy yard, and then ran in and jumped all over her nice clean bed? Honestly, why People can't feel the dirt between their toenails and detect the lingering scent of possum in the bushes, is a mystery to me.

Mommy has been too busy to let me post, since she is pressed to get so many projects done.

When Daddy let us out at five this morning, we were delighted to find a wet, drippy world. Chasing, snarling, shaking and playing, we worked ourselves into a frenzy of doggy zoomies. Someone (I won't tell who) started digging in the lawn. It just felt so good, clods of dirt flying behind us, grass ripping and tearing between our toes. Casper is the most dedicated to this zen art. He puts his head down, really leans into his shoulders, and digs until he reaches a certain karmic harmony. The funny part is, that when he is digging he looks like a very wooly caterpillar. You can't tell which end is which!

Now we are all happily sleeping, and the sun is burning off the fog. Mommy finally got up and sniffled and sneezed her way to the living room, where she is cleaning the last of the castings. She says that the only thing worse than wearing a mask while airbrushing, is wearing a mask while being unable to breath through your nose! So, no painting today. Enjoy YOUR day, where ever you are!



Hi guys, you look like you had tons of fun digging in the yard!

Joanie said...

We sure did! Glad to see you, Casper! I need to come over and read at the Eskie forum again, but Mommy is working overtime to get some projects done. - Yahsa

Comet and BLU said...

It looks like you two had a fun and muddy day!