Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday at Pour Horse

It's good to see you! Glad you could come and spend the day at Pour Horse. Let's go out to the barn and see what's going on.

If we are walking out to the barn... the workshop.. at Pour Horse, the first thing that we see when we open the door is the airbrush booth. Straight ahead. It's where most of the painting and glazing work is done. The green screen is covering an opening that has a fan behind it, and it pulls all of the paint and glaze spray out. In ceramics, it is important that we don't breathe the tiny needles of glass that are in the glaze, as well as the minerals and oxides in the paints. Some of those minerals can be poisonous if inhaled.

Next, to our right, is the shelf that holds the molds. These are just a few of the molds that are in storage here. Most of these molds are master molds, in other words, the plaster molds and rubber positives that allow me to make multiple production molds.

Now, coming around the corner, here are the kilns. Take a look into the big kiln, and see what I was cooking last night.

Donkeys! For Laurilyn! A plethora of donkeys. They are cooling off so that we can glaze them today, while you are here.

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Heather said...

I so enjoy peeks into the kiln...and the donkey colors are looking mighty fine!
Thanks for the tour....
Yucaipa, Cali