Saturday, November 8, 2008

Now I feel better...

For a few hours, there was a ranting post up. But now I feel better. Sometimes, just putting things down in words makes a difference. I love to write, I enjoy expressing experiences, and that is where I tend to turn when something really moves me emotionally. However, not everything is of interest to others.

So, instead, I will direct you to some bonsai articles that I have written recently. The magazine is Golden Statements, the bonsai magazine of Golden State Bonsai Federation. This series of articles is to bring more people into exploring bonsai on the internet, so part of the article is explaining how to use the websites.

No one else might be interested, but my Mom wants the extra copy of each issue to keep. You know, like refrigerator art when you're a kid. :-) That's the Mother Unit for ya.

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