Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shiny donkeys!

This post is late going up... so all of these donkeys are already sold. They went up on MH$P and sold in a day or two. However, since you have seen their painting and glazing, it might be nice to show you some of my favorites from the batch.

The last batch of 14 is being painted currently, and will go up for sale about Dec. 12th on MH$P. So, if you really want a Maureen Love donkey before they are gone, be watching there.


Hana said...

The donkeys are beautiful! Do you make eskies, too?


Oh now that would be cool- eskies!

mel said...

At Clinky Classic, Lesli said you were doing something very interesting with the finishwork on these Weedidits, using an air eraser to soften the edges of the spots. I am having trouble picturing that process---any images or write-ups?