Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Enki, Rider of the Storm

There was a brief span of overcast yesterday morning, that allowed me to run out and take some photos of the new Stormwatch. Unfortunately, the camera battery died before I could get as many as I wanted. However, these show his color much better, without the bleached out effect that the sun at the beach gave him. You can now see that his mane is sooty, with creamy tips, and that his sooty dapples are very subtle and delicate.
He also has a name now.. Enki, Lord of Abundance, Rider of the Storm. Enki was a Sumerian god, and reflects my kiln's names, which are also Sumerian. The Sumerians were early users of ceramics, and it seemed appropriate that Enki came from Sumer, my big kiln.

You can also see his teeth, which I am really happy with, and his tail, which shows the shading that represents layers of applied and removed underglazes. I wanted the roots to be darker, and for the color to sink in to the depth of his tail, and it worked.

(NOTE: Click on the photos for larger versions, use your back button to navigate back to the blog)

Enki will be going up for auction this afternoon, so that the auction will close in the afternoon, allowing more people to access it at the end. I will post the link here, as well as on the yahoo group.

UPDATE: Auction link is here.