Friday, October 2, 2009

Molan- Servant of the Storm

Molan, the Irish-Celtic Servant of the Storm, has all of the lovely, deep detail of Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig's Stormwatch, with the color tones of gorgeous old European porcelains. Molan is a brown dun sabino, and he might have some overo back in his ancestry too. His feathers and hooves are carefully detailed and colored to show his favored home, the American plains, where the red dirt tints and stains horse's legs. Molan has yellow teeth that show behind his drooping pink lip, one blue eye, and a kind, appealing face. His mane and tail are black, with brown sunburning, and his tail and forelock fade to light silver/cream. I particularly love his little whisker bumps and facial shading, it makes everyone want to reach out and touch his face.

Molan is the third Stormwatch to be offered publicly, and he will go up for sale on MyAuctionBarn on Sunday, October 4th and will end Wednesday, October 7th. He will have a reasonable reserve, and someone will be enchanted to be the new owner of Molan, ready for next year's show season. He will come with a complete set of digital photos that the new owner can use to show him online.

UPDATE: His auction is here: He is highlighted, so look for him on the front page.

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Becky Turner said...

I cant find his auction.. can you post a new link to it? I even went on the main page and its not listed under china.. LOVE him by the way.. I wish I could buy him.. but no way can I afford it.. I just love to see how high they go and he should go high! you out did yourself on him.. I love the creamy white.. how its not bright white and the brown is yummy.. just wow.. is all I can say. I have got to get me a kiln someday and join in the fun! I am hoping to get one of my pieces done in china someday too....... when I think I do one good enough to have done that is!
Rebecca Turner
Solticeart studio