Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winnie gets washed, and goes to Julian

This weekend, Winnie met her friends right around the corner, at Ruby's in the outlet mall for breakfast. It was a foggy morning in Carlsbad, and a lot of the MINIs drove down from Los Angeles and Orange County. There were about twelve total cars, which a nice turnout for a new event I think. The first photos are of Winnie being washed, and the 'detail kit' that I use to wash her. Must be shiny and clean for the party!

Gasp! See the dirt? SEE IT??? Oh good gracious, that has to come off!

Bucket, sponges, microfiber cloths, chamois, Meguiars Gold wash, Adams polishes and various cleaning products. Shiny cars need more cosmetics than I own for myself!

Then we meet everyone in the parking lot of Ruby's:

Had a nice breakfast, including door prizes for everyone. Craig won a free breakfast coupon, and I won a Mini Cooper magazine issue. Yes, dear, now I WILL have to subscribe. You guessed it. :-)

We ran twistys up to Julian, through Ramona. Here we are at the parking lot in Julian.... well, some of us. We didn't all park together, it was too crowded. And much more so when we arrived! We walked down to MOMs pies for some tasty pie and a bathroom break.

Because MINIs drive better when their drivers are not hungry, we all met again down the road at Wynola Pizza, for some really delish oven baked thin crust gourmet pizza. I was not hungry yet but I ended up getting some tiramisu that was great!

Then we headed home, after a very enjoyable and relaxing day. Hard to believe, I've almost put 6,000 miles on Winnie in three months. That's almost a years worth of driving when I had the Nissan... hmmmmm, wonder why?

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