Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winnie surfs up to San Clemente

Bright and early Sunday morning, Winnie and I surfed the coast to a new meeting place, "Zebra House Cafe", in San Clemente to meet our friends for morning coffee and muffins.

And a cheerful group they were, too! It was a bit chilly but promised to be a gorgeous day.

Dig this little Classic, it's the cat's meow! When those horns go off, the sound volume is remarkable. Everyone sits up and takes notice!

Here's Dan talking to the Zebra House Cafe owner, a very enthusiastic fellow who welcomed us kindly.

Most of the line up shows in this picture, but a few more came later and a couple were parked opposite, there were quite a few cars attending!

Above is one of those pretty Ice Blue MINIs, this one is a Clubman. (two door but larger than the regular Coopers) They are new to the club I think, and had a darling little pug too.

Phil explains to mOstyn that when the horns go off, truckers soil their undies. (not really but it could have been true)

What does everyone do at a breakfast? They mill around and talk, they look at each other's cars, they mill around some more, they eat, then they talk one more time before they wave goodbye.
This, then, is an 'action shot'.

This lovely silver grey convertible was parked on the other side of the aisle...

Winnie, amongst her friends. We bought new, upgraded wheels from a club member really cheap, they aren't the shiny chrome ones that I lust after but they are nicer than her original wheels and will tide me over until I have more money to spend. :-)

No 'run' today, just a leisurely breakfast at a new little place whose proprietor loves cars and used to own a MINI, and then back home again. Jiggity Jig.

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Kelly Savage said...

LOVING those airhorns!!! Winnie looks very happy amongst her friends with her lovely new shoes too, she's a lucky girl!!