Friday, July 3, 2009

Fifteen Years, Fifteen fun gifts

This year, Pour Horse celebrates fifteen years in business. I started the company in 1994, and we went into the ceramic business in 1995. So, just for fun, I am going to give away fifteen Pour Horse 'blast from the past' items from August 1st through August 15th. Some will be small, like resin pins from the Renaissance Faire days, and some will be big, like maybe a horse or two. Or a platter that Kristina drew on.... it will be fun to poke through the old stuff and pull out some treasures. And they may not be perfect, since anything perfect generally was sold. But I guarantee that they will be 'vintage Pour Horse'. LOL

Here's what we are going to do:

Anyone who wishes to enter can send an email to me at mold40(at)roadrunner(dot)com, talking about their favorite Pour Horse, or some humorous or interesting story connected to Pour Horse. Or you can just send a photo of a Pour Horse you own. But you have to send something. And please include your name.

Between now and August 1st, I will put up fifteen blank doors on the blog, numbered one through fifteen. The doors will hide fifteen pictures, one for each giveaway item.

Starting August 1st, I will draw one name each day from the entries. Or I might draw a number, having numbered the entries. Or something like that. Maybe I'll put the names on random pieces of paper and wrap each one around a dog biscuit and let the dogs draw them... well, anyway, somehow I will pull a random winner. Then, I will 'open the curtain', announce the name, and send that item to the winner.

I may or may not publish the emails and photos on the blog, but I will enjoy reading what everyone writes.

After fifteen years, there's a whole lotta stuff around here that would make someone happy, instead of just gathering dust. So, start thinking about what you might write, or take pictures. The entries won't be judged (the drawing will be random) but please do have fun with them...


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FireHorse Designs of Texas said...

Woo hoo. I just saw this and have sent in an entry. I love archival pieces that have a history to them! Happy fifteenth too!