Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We led the neighborhood parade this year with Mom's Model A! My brother and hubby pulled it out of the garage, pulled off the old quilts and blankets that it lives under, polished it up and started it. Nice to see it again! It's absolutely perfect, just as it was when my Dad finished it. Took him decades to do, he started with just and old frame. We live in the greatest neighborhood... the parade stretched around the block! Everyone... with their dogs, bikes, cars, big wheels... even a canoe on a wagon...blowing noise makers, blowing bubbles, waving and hooping ahd hollering, everyone participates or sits on their lawns and whoops and hollers and claps right back! Now everyone goes back to their yards, and some of the neighborhood folks have open invitation picnics, and we wait for the fireworks at Legoland. Tonight we will be able to see them... the sky is clear and blue, just perfect! Not too hot, just a little breeze... a Chamber of Commerce day.

Happy Fourth Everyone!

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