Friday, July 31, 2009

Fifteen Years, Fifteen Gifts Contest

Here they are, the hidden prizes! Entries are POURING in (pardon the pun!) Tomorrow morning, I will pull the first name, and reveal the first prize.

Yes, I am giving away fifteen things... fifteen pieces of PH history. But you gals have given me even more... you've given me a career, a passion, a life full of interesting people, and priceless memories.

My heart is very full today.

8/1/09: The first prize given is an old Saucy, and the winner is Cindy Dilks.

8/2/09: The second prize given is a black bat Christmas ornament, and the winner is Sandy Tomezik

8/3/09: The third prize is a double-test saffron Nomad, and the winner is Marge Para

8/4/09: Bobby's 21st birthday, and Jeanene Bernardin wins the first firing swirly Hadrian

8/5/09: Liz Strauss wins a useful Tig Mug!

8/06/09: Mel Hinkle wins a Suspiro Marble Head!

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