Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eleven Days, and the Prizes Keep Coming!

Kristina and I issued some of the early horses in both resin and ceramic, to maximize the sculpture's potential. After years of ceramic restoration, and then some time spent casting and cleaning resins at home, I was well on the way to developing the resin/epoxy allergies that are now a permanent part of my respiratory system and skin sensitivity. At the point where we began issuing horses in resin, we weren't casting them at home any more. Some copyrights were picked up by DaBar, or Resins by Randy, and some were issued through us. Maggie was one of the dual medium horses.

Maggie, though a darling horse, is proof of the hazards of assumption. She stood well when she was a sculpture in brown clay. But when cast in ceramic, her body is hollow and her head is almost solid, which changes her center of balance just enough so that she doesn't stand reliably in ceramic. She had to be issued with a base, and along with her tiny little fragile legs, that made her problematic enough so that she was never issued in large numbers in ceramic. I did a small run of rose grey pieces, and some customs, and that's all.

Kristina switched the forelegs for the resin run, so that the raised foreleg is on the same side as the forward hind leg. That stabilized her for the resin run.

Today's prize is a resin Maggie that the resin caster added bronze powder to. I think that it was Randy Buckler who cast her. The winner gets to *choose* between the darker colored Maggie, or the lighter bronze/green Maggie that was a "test" for being a Christmas ornament or key chain fob or whatever, because she has an eye screw in her back. You can see how dusty they are... I pulled them out of the bottom of the china cabinet!

And the winner today is..........Tracy Wells!! Congrats, Tracy!

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Tracy Wells said...

LOL.. Did you heard that thud? That was me falling out of my chair with shock and happiness :) I am so happy to win a Maggie! I've enjoyed coming home from work and reading Joanie's editorial delights and enviously drooling vicariously over the daily winner's treasure. And, now I have one too!! Woo Hoo!