Saturday, August 1, 2009

The First Winner!

The contest has 66 entries! I've enjoyed reading them all. From the sweet, humorous, or moving stories, to the scans of old advertising, to great photos of favorite pieces, every entry is treasured. Just for fun, some stats: the first person to enter was Tracy Wells, the entry from farthest away was Maria Sundin (from Sweden), the most moving was Carra McClelland, the entry with the most horses in the picture was Elli (HOW many Saucys do you have Elli?!!That's awesome!) I'll mention more tomorrow.

Here is how I did the drawing:
I put all of the entries in a folder, which sorted them by time/date. Counted them (66) Then I went to the Random Number Generator ( and filled in the fields. I wanted 15 sets of numbers (for fifteen prizes) one number per set, from the numbers 1 - 66. And in one second, I had the list. Printed it out. Totally random. I also numbered and randomized the prizes, after the first one. I knew what I wanted to give away first....

So, here is the first prize....

Yes, an old Saucy! Now, she does have a broken leg... nothing in those days stayed here unless it was broken or had a problem. Those were lean days! But she's been in the case all this time, so it's good for her to have a new home. She is going to... (drumroll...) #11, Cindy Dilks!!! YAY Cindy!! You will receive an email this morning!

Now remember, some of the prizes won't be as big or as valuable. Some are more 'funky' than others. Some have a story, or show a phase in the factory history. But every morning until the 15th, there will be a new prize. I also saved a really good prize for the 15th, the last prize.

See you tomorrow!


Tammy said...

Congratulations to Cindy!

Joanie, I can't remember if I read this, or who told me, but I always thought the "story" of how you tested the original packaging by putting a horse in it and dropping the box and kicking it around was great. All the horses I've ever had shipped from you have arrived perfectly.

mel said...

Amen, Tammy: I've never had a broken horse from Joanie either.

Oh Cindy, brava! What a cool prize and I hope you will share your entry with us here? Miss seeing you at Smoky Mountain Spring Fling!

Melissa Gaulding

Joanie said...

You're right, Tammy, we did do that. I put a horse into a foam box, taped it up, took it out and kicked it up and down the driveway. Then, unopened, I shipped it to Cynthia.
She kicked it, dropped it, threw it up in the air and let it hit the ground, and then shipped it back. It arrived unbroken. It was a Saucy bisque, btw.
We have less than 1 in 100 break, and usually there is a big dent in the box or a footprint where someone stood on it. Very, very rare.