Monday, August 10, 2009

Tenth Day is Awarded

Kristina and I began early, to reward our collectors when we could by sponsoring china classes with special awards. Making these awards available for shows was a very direct and efficient way to keep china showing enthusiasm up, and also to give something directly back to the model horse community. We did various designs over the years, and their finishes ranged from realistic to goofy.

Kristina sculpted Hoscar in 1998, and he is reminiscent of a Greek or Roman horse, stylized like the Oscar award. We gave away Hoscars for a few years, and then brought out a new design. Today's prize is the TEST Hoscar from 1998, in a crackled, slightly tinted beige glaze. He is marked TEST #2 7/98 on the bottom.

The winner of today's prize is.... drumroll... Pam Young! Congrats, Pam!

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Tara said...

What cool prizes!