Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fourth Prize and winner!

This one is simple, and goes along with the last prize. This is a first-firing Hadrian, and it shows some 'swirl'. When I poured the tinted slip, it had a tendency to seperate during pouring, which caused the swirls. You couldn't seem them until after the piece was glazed... of course. Anyway, the biggest problem was that the heavily tinted slip didn't pour well. It took months, and consultations with experts, to figure out why and correct the problem. Oh, yes, those early Hadrians were a struggle. BTW, first firing pieces were marked with a star, so the whole first kilnload had stars on their bellies.

The winner today? Drumroll...... Jeanene Bernardin! Congrats!


Tara said...

What cool prizes you're giving away!

M said...

The prizes have been very cool so far, but most of all, I love reading the descriptions, describing how each of them came about!
I like hearing about the history, and trials & tribulations, of creating these figurines. Kudos to Joanie for sticking it out, and having the nerve to continue with creating these beautiful critters.