Friday, August 7, 2009

Seventh Day Prizes... back to the beginning

In the beginning.... Pour Horse was started in order to make Renaissance Faire pins and stuff. In resin. Why pins? They are easy to do and can be sold cheaply. Why Ren Faire? It's a fun place to sell in. So, we made a bunch of different resin pins and little statues, and turned up at a small local Faire. And did poorly. Barely sold enough to pay for the booth rental. We tried again, same result. What we figured out, was that unless you were selling food, or hats and costumes, you weren't likely to make much money. The people selling at the Faires just liked to go. At least, those that sold at the little Faires. The big one is different... if you can get in at all as a vendor! Anyway, we didn't do it for very long, and by the time we switched to ceramics we were mostly doing horses. But we did a number of pins in that transition, just goofy things. I actually sculpted these (shown below), with some help from Kristina. Nose Picker, Tongue Sticker, Headache, and Shouter. Of all of them, Shouter is probably the rarest. He's patterned after a gargoyle that would be on the side of a building, and the rain water from the roof would come cascading out of his mouth. We probably should have called him Hurley, or (up)Chuck, but somehow he became Shouter.

So, the prize today is a complete set of Ren Faire ceramic pins, and the winner is... Lisa Gruetter! Congrats, Lisa!

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mel said...

Oh my dawg, I am so jealous, Lisa! Not fair... or should I say "faire"?!