Monday, March 21, 2011

Dollhouse Bathroom a Rhapsody in Pink and Black

Since the bathroom didn't need wiring, I could go ahead and paper and tile it. Cousin Lauren printed the wallpaper from a free printable site ("Jennifers Printables") since I don't have a high quality color printer hooked up. This 1920's wallpaper is just PERFECT for the tile I have ready, there was nothing on the market that looked as delish as this did. So, after painting the ceiling of the bathroom (and the bedroom, since it will be the same color and it takes longer to wash out the paint sponge than it does to actually paint it) and letting it dry for a day, I was ready to put up the wallpaper. I spent about half an hour making plain paper mockups that fit just perfectly, with all of the overlaps. At lunchtime, I sprayed the wallpaper with Krylon Matte, as per instructions (to keep it from fading too fast), cut out and pasted it up. Using "Grandmother Stovers" wallpaper paste, made by Handley House (a dollhouse wallpaper supplier I think) it was pretty easy. Using a cheap paint sponge, you spread the paste on, making sure it is not too gloppy, and then wipe your hands. Then put up the paper, peel and adjust as needed, and flatten it out with your fingers. Not bad, not bad. Had a couple of little touch ups, that's all.
Two walls up!

It went very fast, since I had done the paper mockups so I knew that my wallpaper would fit perfectly. Then, the tile went up, with two sided tape. I had cut these weeks ago, while still looking for wallpaper. The black tiles are colored in with a Sharpie!

I love this wall, it is pleasing to the eye. the toilet will go in the back corner, and a shelf will go on this side of the door. Still waiting for the flooring to come, but since there will be baseboard, it's okay to have the large gap along the bottom. Now I'm pondering about how to make a frosted window.. what can be put over the window glass to make it frosted?


mel said...

Okay, as soon as the toilet is in, I'm moving to Carlsbad; I already have the perfect towels, so don't go to any trouble...

mollybeeprints said...

There is a frosted adhesive that can be used for windows. I used it for the bathroom windows in my apartment. If you can't find a dollhouse-sized version, I can send you some (we had a bunch left over) to play with.

Becky Turner said...

there is also this stuff you can paint on it and its frosts it.. you paint it wait and wipe.. ( this way you can do designs if you want) loving it.. pretty cool! i have always wanted to make one myself.. maybe someday..
Rebecca Turner