Monday, March 21, 2011

A quick wallpaper peek!

The wallpaper for the living room and dining room arrived, and I've been anxious to see how it looks up. So I cut a paper mockup of the stairwell, cut it out and pasted it on. Tricky shape, and I didn't line it up perfectly, but its okay... the flaw is much less noticeable in actual life size!
The paper is by Wm. Morris, from the Art and Craft section of Brodnax Prints. Wait until you see the border! Thanks to Carrie Rouillard, asking her brother, I know for sure now that the typical 1920s living room would not have had a wallpaper border at chair height... they tended to put borders along the ceiling. They did do chair rails, of wood, sometimes with the paper above and painted below, or paneled below, but not a wallpaper border there. So, I had to order more paper... grrrr... control freak versus impatience in my head.

I LOVE it! Now to paint the ceilings and walls and be prepped for when the rest comes.

Finally, to catch up, here was today's project... the second story room that is formed by the stairway. It's sort of an odd little room, but I have big plans for it when decorating! We had always intended to have some sort of attic access from there, like a let down trap door, but I've given that up, not being able to figure out how to do it. So I cut a little piece of plywood to cover the gaping ceiling, and then painted it all. At lunchtime, I cut the paper mockups, and after starting the kiln load for today, I pasted. Fun! Wow, wouldn't it be nice if you could paper a real room in fifteen minutes? This wallpaper is also from the Wm. Morris Arts and Crafts line, called Willow.
Before... note the wire tape
After, with the baseboard and molding in place but not stained yet
The baseboard and crown molding will need to be stained first, to match as close as possible with the oak floor. I may wait until all of the rooms are papered, and all of the molding cut, before doing the staining. It really does take longer to set up and clean up, than to paint about twenty inches of 3/4" wood!

Now we are up to date.

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