Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Dollhouse Project... Part 2

There are six rooms in the dollhouse... Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Hallway Nook, Bathroom, Bedroom, and Attic. The previous post showed the Kitchen. Now we will peek at the rest of the rooms as they stand today.

The Living Room and Dining Room form the rest of the bottom floor. Both floors are oak parquet, and the walls have always been just white. My Grandfather made the windows, some of which actually work, and originally they were crisscrossed with a thin black tape to create leaded glass effects. I'll be redoing those, but not right away. Here is the Living Room:

There is a wire coming out of the ceiling, and a wire coming out of the wall next to the fireplace on the far side. When he built it, we didn't know about dollhouse wiring, he just stripped wires from what he had around (a lamp cord?)and spliced the little lights right into the wiring. Tomorrow I'll show you the insides of the kitchen and bathroom fixtures!

It's hard to see the Dining Room, set as it is behind the stairwell. You can see a peek of it through the kitchen:

The furniture is Arts and Crafts style, and the table is set with blue and white china.

Here is the Hallway Nook:

It is the room at the top of the stairs. You can see the awesome Victorian birdcage against the window, and the other piece of furniture is a display case. Right now it just has a statue in it, but I am considering making a Victorian Taxidermy for it. Wouldn't that be something? Like they inherited their Grandparent's taxidermy... this room is messy, see the newspaper? Must be getting ready to paint...

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