Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Dollhouse Project.. Part 3

Here is the bedroom... the wallpaper is picked out, the paint is purchased, so it won't be long before the bedroom is all done up! First the wiring has to be done, new wiring along the walls for wall sconces and floor or table lamps. I'm going to wallpaper the bottom, paint the top, and put a chair rail in between. Looking in my cedar chest, I found an old doilie and salvaged the lacy/tatted corners to make this bedspread. Underneath the bedspread is a pink silk spread that I made, and the two matching pillows. With enough material left over for curtains, its going to be sweet!
You can again see a wire coming down from the ceiling, it never had a fixture since it was made. The bird cage close to the camera is exquisite. Note the desk on the left hand side... a fold down desk with pigeonholes for letters. Of course, there is an armoire in the back... you can see me taking the picture, in the mirror!

Finally, the bathroom. Since the kitchen and the bathroom were the first rooms that I needed to work on, they are the farthest along. The bathroom has pink 'tile'-- its actually a vacuum formed plastic sheet that you cut with scissors.. and I colored in the black tile to recreate the look of a vintage bathroom. (might be more 30-ish than 20-ish but I love it) Cousin Lauren is printing some downloadable dollhouse wallpaper for the bathroom, since I couldn't find anything just right for sale. The problem is that most dollhouses are Victorian, which is too old for this house. Not much wallpaper is made for early twentieth century dollhouses... but I did find.... (drumroll).... Arts and Crafts wallpaper and borders! It is winging its way to me as we speak!


Sans Souci Studios said...

I am really enjoying seeing these pics! I think the time period for the furniture and decorations is cool too- we have a (real) 1920's dining room set we bought for $400 at a thrift store, that we stripped and discovered was all figured mahogany under the black paint!

Sue Bear said...

Good Luck on your new project! Back in my model horse days I got to vend at two NAME national shows. The craft people and their work were Amazing! Some furniture cost as much as their much larger counterparts. Another magical hobby.