Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Dollhouse Project... Kitchen Dilemma

An unusual element of this dollhouse is the staircase that swoops down in front of the dining room, and takes up much of the space on the first floor. It houses the controls for the lights, but most dollhouses don't have a staircase like this. Because of it, I have less room in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the kitchen has more fun accessories than most of the other rooms... food, spices, utensils, plates, etc. I bought the little cupboard to fill this need... a place to put all of the fun elements. The cupboard (which is not finished, still needs some paint touch ups) has doors that open to reveal shelves and spice racks, and the bottom right is a potato bin. Fun! However, right now the only place to put it is in front of a window! So I am contemplating putting a wall up between the kitchen and the dining room. The wall would be at a slant, behind the cupboard in this position:
(you can always click on the photo for a larger version)

This position really opens up the kitchen, making it more roomy and allowing that window to show. The tile shows better, too! Otherwise, the kitchen will look like this:

You can see how much more crowded it is, this way. Though it does show the refrigerator off better. How cool is this refrigerator?

So I picked up a piece of craft plywood and will probably go ahead and paint and tile it. Which means another trip to the dollhouse store (boo hoo!) but I need the kitchen tile anyway. I could make the wall temporary, until I decide for sure.

What do you think?

Edit: you know, looking at these photos, I think I will repaint the cupboard white with black trim. I worked so hard on this color for it but now it is too dark. It's already white on the inside, so a couple of coats of white on the outside should brighten it right up...


Sans Souci Studios said...

I do like your slanted wall idea, although all the pictures look great to me. BTW, I showed your pictures to my brother, who is a 1920's 1930's enthousiast, and he said you really had the 1920's kitchen nailed!

Lauren said...

Hard one! I like it both ways.
I think you're right about the cupboard. All matching will look SO period, too! Actually, they both would look awesome.
AMAZING so far, Joanie!