Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The kitchen is done! Well, except...

Being the first project, it feels good to have the kitchen done. Is anything ever truly done? I was hurrying at lunchtime to take these photos, and forgot to put the baseboard up, but it is cut and painted and ready to put up. Oops! Well, we can look at it later, no doubt some other fun accessories will be added to the kitchen. There's a little shelf that I want to try and make at some point. Also, I just painted the cupboard white, quickly, today. With regular acrylics, using the airbrush. (smacks forehead) It took fifteen minutes, instead of an hour. Skills, meet brain. Brain, meet skills. Get to know each other. Be friends. Keep in touch.

So, with those caveats in mind, here is the kitchen, finished at last. Note all of the fun accessories that I have been hoarding like a kid with Halloween candy. I keep them in a gorgeous wooden box with a horse tile on top, that the awesome Lynn Fraley made, which was given to me by the most gracious and sweet Liz Holm. Liz, this box is perfect for keeping those tiny treasures in, and when the dollhouse is done, the box will be filled with the beautiful jewelry that other model horse people make. It gives me joy every time I look at it. 

Back to business. Remember, you can click on the photo for a larger version. You'll want to, so that you can see all the tiny fun. The curtains were the original ones that I made for it, about thirty five years ago. Guess I always pictured the kitchen in red and white...at least I am consistent! The cupboard, as noted above, is now white, but will be getting glossed (when the paint fully cures) and some black detailing. Rather than the heavy detailing I tried before, I want to use very small wooden frames to accent the doors and, on the right lower side, create the illusion of drawers. That's the potato bin but it is not something I will display potatos in, it might as well have 'drawers'. Where else do you keep your silverware?! Panning around the room, here are closer views:
The spice rack is from a Chrysnbon kit, they are inexpensive plastic kits (like model cars) that have nice detailing. The kit also included a round side table, two 'glass bells', and a pair of 'milk glass' chickens. We will see those on the right hand side view. The kit was about $12, and I painted the spice rack white, then painted the little **TINY** knobs black. That's it... easy as pie. On top of the spice rack is a teensy crocheted black and white rooster pot holder. Some poor almost blind person made him. On the sink, there is a set of red handled potato masher, whisk, and a two pronged fork, also hand made. The rusty blue enamel bowl on the sink is from Etsy. The stool underneath is required... all 1920s sinks had stools! Seriously! The refrig is empty, but if you have your glasses on, and ate your Wheaties this morning, you might be able to see the little metal ice cube tray in the freezer. On the table, are two crocheted pot holders, a rolling pin from Etsy, two loaves of bread (also from Etsy) and a German chocolate cake. The cake is original to the doll house. Note the kitchen towels, and a Chrysnbon towel rack to hold them.

On the right is the new cupboard, with some ceramic canisters, a ceramic bowl, a tiny muffin pan, and a spice bottle. Also, a meat grinder that was original to the doll house. The stove has a Magnalite pot, a frying pan in the broiler, and the two Chrysnbon milk glass (actually plastic) chickens. Remember these, the hen on the nest and the rooster? Mom had milk glass pieces. Lastly, the hand braided rug on the floor, and the broom... from Etsy.
Finally, there is the capybara. She is so adorable! Sculpted from Fimo, with fur applied. I did paint her eyes, gave her eye whites and a dollop of gloss, and glossed her nose. From Etsy as well, as posted previously.

She doesn't have a name yet, maybe that is something to do tonight. She is sitting on some newspapers, she might make a mess.

Next project... the bathroom! Nice and easy. Waiting for the wallpaper and floor tile right now.

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mel said...

Okay. Joan? This is too wonderful. I am dying to come have a cuppa in that kitchen! Actually? I want that kitchen for my house!